Elite & Prep level of highly competitive All-Star Cheerleading. Our convenient Competition Inclusive monthly price includes 6-8 USASF Sanctioned competitions. 4-5 Hours Per week of practice time including one class specifically for working tumbling skills. Rock Solid All-Star cheer requires a 12-month commitment. Please inquire for pricing


The All-Star Novice team is 6 month, non-competitive session that works on the fundamentals of All-Star Cheer. Here, athletes will enjoy learning basic stunts, motions, tumbling and jumps. Your convenient monthly payments includes 2 hours of instruction per week. Pricing may be found on the registration portal. Please inquire for pricing

Rock Solid Basic Training
Cheer & Tumble Fundamentals

Fundamentals is a 1 hour per week introduction to cheerleading program. Originating from the new USASF structure for the 2019-2020 season, the purpose is to introduce basics of cheer & tumbling to young athletes. This class is open to all ages 5-18, with 3 available classes to choose from ranging in a 9 & Under class to a 10 & Older class. These classes are non-competetve and our class with the least commitment. Pricing s $40 per month + $35 annual registration fee


The Little Explorers program includes well crafted curriculums designed specifically for children ages 2-5 years and has many benefits. Children who participate in the Little Explorers program will learn to be more self-confident, listen and follow directions, discipline, develop good motor skills and coordination, and improve strength and flexibility. The benefits of Little Explorers preschool are so far beyond physical fitness. Little Explorers helps the child be more assertive, more confident and happier in their journey as they grow. We want each of them to feel comfortable with their body and what they can do with it. Registration will open soon!


Private lessons are a great way to get highly valuable 1 on 1 skill development time with one of our highly experienced coaches. Weather it is almost time for tryouts or you just want to work on that back tuck a little extra and get it that much sooner, this is a great way to Rapidly develop skills and conditioning. 1 on 1 time is strictly dedicated to the athlete on our gym floor. Pricing is $30 per 30 minutes.